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Cities SDG Evaluation Framework

Cities SDG Framework global-goals

Cities SDG Evaluation Framework

Cities are poised to be the future of human civilization with more than 70% of the population expected to live in urban spaces by 2050. Additionally, the COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the urgency of discussion around the future of our cities. By UN estimates, urban residents in India will account for 52.8% of the population by 2050, as compared to 34% today, with Delhi rapidly moving past Tokyo. This growth comes with massive challenges including accessibility to opportunity, space, technology, infrastructure, safety, preservation of the environment and natural resources.

Smart cities must be evaluated on how they gave progressed in meeting the SDGs. This done through an internal assessment that would emphasize strengths and areas of improvements. These can then become future reference points for these cities in upgrading their approach to smart and sustainable.

Apart from providing a smart city assessment on SDG parameters and SDG advisory, the final output of the assessment will also be the development of an SDG based sustainability framework with customized Key Performance Indicators and a combination of international and local best practices.

  • Gap Assessments and Recommendations
  • Stakeholder Consultations and Engagement
  • Tools and Methodologies for SDG Integration
  • SDG Strategies and Roadmaps
  • Guiding Framework for SDG Planning
  • Rigorous Outcome-based Monitoring Through a Dashboard System