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Green Building Consulting

Green Building Consulting

Buildings lie at the heart of civilization and urbanization – from housing us to providing workplaces to facilitating indoor recreational activities and sports, buildings have cemented their roles in human lives. However, urbanization can gravely alter local climate and form an urban heat island.

Research strongly indicates that urban heat island (UHI) effects can strengthen heat waves and air pollution episodes. From the design to the material used, each aspect of constructing a building is crucial to creating a healthy environment indoors and outdoors.

At SustainPlus we give people and businesses the tools and expertise to plan, design and build a greener and resilient future.

  • Establish your organizations environmental goals and identify targets
  • Consulting on environmentally sound building design and construction
  • Design reviews diagnostics
  • Consulting services during every stage of the construction process
  • Process support and supervision includes – task management, documentation, and submittal formulation
  • Conduct a Verification Review
  • Eco-friendly materials research and recommendations to feasible options for project credit compliance
  • Equipment Recommendation and Costing Analysis
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Management Plan- Energy performance modeling and building optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Waste to Energy Solutions
  • Monitoring Progress, Measuring Risks and Report on Performance
  • Develop Risk Mitigation Strategies and or Climate Action Based Strategies
  • Lighting, day lighting, renewable energy consultation
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting on the project’s progress toward goals
  • SDG Impact Assessment