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Climate Action

Climate Action

Climate change is undoubtedly amongst the greatest threats to businesses today, posing a variety of direct and indirect consequences. Thus, climate action is the need of the hour and organizations have a substantial role to play. Climate action services involve development and execution of climate change strategies relating to responsible resource use for a more sustainable future whilst focusing on financial impact.

  • ISO 14064/65 Implementation
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventorization (GHG Protocol)
  • Carbon Disclosures – CDP
  • Science-Based Target Setting – SBTi
  • Carbon Footprint and Low Carbon Transformation
  • Water Footprint- Zero Liquid Discharge and Water Positive Status
  • Climate Scenario Modeling and Analysis

Guaranteed Economic Benefits:

  • Improved public image and reputation
  • Minimization of business risks associated with climate change
  • Keeping up with regulatory and policy changes
  • Avoidance of legal and taxation consequences
  • Building local community goodwill
  • Encourages innovation
  • Portrays accountability and transparency